Greening the Greenhouse

Green greenhouse in Shaler, Pa.

Through the Mascaro Center’s Greening the Greenhouse project, Pitt students have helped to apply sustainable design principles—rainwater collection, composting, and small-scale electricity generation—to a greenhouse in the Shaler, Pa. school district where high school and elementary/middle school students learn about green design.

Day of Caring

Staff and faculty volunteers participating in Pitt’s annual United Way Day of Caring help with local sustainability projects such as winterizing community gardens and recycling refuse.

A Workshop for PACE

Mascaro Center graduate students developed a workshop on “green schools” for ninth graders at Washington, D.C.’s Phelps Architecture, Construction & Engineering High School (PACE), a hybrid trade school and college prep school.

Sustainability Lessons

The Mascaro Center partnered with the Urban Youth Action (UYA) to present a series of lectures to give local high-school students a general understanding of sustainability principles. UYA prepares young people to pursue opportunities in education, employment, entrepreneurship, and public service.